Courses for Primary and Secondary English Language Teachers

Teaching English Language module is a set of TEFL teacher training courses for young, primary and secondary language learners of English as a foreign or second language TEFL & TESOL and it mainly provides an overview of language awareness, methodology and lesson planning.

The course aims to help participants succeed in setting their primary learners firmly on the path to increasing proficiency, to introduce primary teachers to the basic concepts and principles of professional development and language teaching skills.

The course intends to prepare participants for CTS-Primary and CTS-Secondary courses by ‘giving them a taste’ of the major areas of professional development and showing ways of making language teaching more skills-based, interactive, learner-centred, and, most importantly, a rewarding experience for both teachers and learners.

This course is intended to provide experienced English language teachers with novel principles, theories and techniques to improve their capabilities and knowledge of the teaching-learning process of English as a Foreign Language in the primary classroom. The course is both a language improvement and a methodology course.

The course is tailored for the needs of Primary teachers and learners to transform frontal, teacher-centred mode of teaching into more student-centred instruction upgrading the teachers’ general and specific language knowledge for classroom teaching. Course content reviews the advanced methodological areas related to teaching language skills and give the participants a chance to apply what they have learned and teach demo lessons.

The course helps participant teachers to create advanced strategies for the key challenges of teaching English as a foreign language, such as developing learners’ writing and speaking abilities using differentiated instruction. The course is for teachers of primary learners who need to improve their ability and confidence in their use of new methods and excel their teaching skills for primary learners.

It is a practical course with innovative activities designed for the primary classroom and the participants will experience the language teaching methodology from the primary learner’s perspective. Throughout the course the participants will be able to learn how to build on their teaching knowledge and skills, through a combination of input sessions and observed teaching practice with an experienced mentor.

The CTS-Secondary courses are for secondary school English teachers who often teach multi-level groups coming from different backgrounds, typically Grades 8-12. We tailor the exact content to meet the needs of the country so that the participants will become more aware of ‘modern’ approaches to English Language Teaching.

This course concentrates on building language awareness and teaching skills through a detailed study of techniques and stages of teaching English to enable participants to explore theories, pedagogical considerations and current methodology in language teaching.

It includes lesson sequencing for reading and listening lessons with examples together with methods for increasing interaction between students through the effective use of individual (thinking time), pair and group activities. The participants will also cover how to evaluate and adapt course book materials to extract maximum benefit.

This course concentrates on building improved language awareness and advanced teaching skills through a detailed study of techniques and stages of teaching English to secondary learners. The course is designed for experienced teachers to develop the perception and skills related to secondary school English teachers.

The content includes a variety of instruction types from small group to whole class environments for students from a variety of linguistic, social, and educational backgrounds. The sessions cover techniques and methodology to meet the needs of the country so that the participants will become more aware of ‘modern’ approaches to English Language Teaching.

This is a practical course exploring how to use drama ELT classroom to examine the rich tapestry of literature and performance in the dramatic arts and to study theoretical and literary perspectives, and performance techniques. It involves lots of lesson ideas to enhance students’ communicative skills for all age groups.

It focuses on assessing the benefits of using drama in the teaching of English to increase students’ motivation and self-confidence, as well as meeting the aims of integrating drama activities in English classes together with crucial theoretical and practical insights into performance techniques, and dramaturgical approaches.