Courses for Kindergarten and Primary School Teachers

Teaching Young Learners is a task oriented, in-service training module contextualizing instruction and building positive attitudes and behaviour in young learners, setting applicable realistic goals for lesson planning, classroom management, assessment, and ongoing professional development.

Participants of this course will master the methodology of teaching very young learners and become teachers who can motivate kids and keep them engaged in class activities. The program gives an insight into participant teachers to identify learning needs of young learners and build a collaborative classroom environment.

Working with children who cannot read or write yet in their mother tongue requires specialized knowledge and skills. This course enhances effective teaching of young learners of English focusing on language development and methodology for this (3-7 year olds) age group.

This course aims to stimulate and support the development of very young learners and covers activities such as crafts, games, stories and songs and ways to make learning opportunities from play. Teaching very young learners is a challenging task at the best of times, especially if you are teaching in a foreign language. There are no shortcuts to an energized, engaged class, but there are many things that the teacher can do to make the learning experience better for this age group.

Participants of this course will look at the different stages in learning and development of very young learners. Within an age range, there may be many similarities in what children can do and enjoy doing, but also there are individual differences. The participants will analyse what is suitable for different ages and also learn about and practice a variety of activities to stimulate and support the learners development.

Whether you are a newly graduated teacher looking forward to grabbing a chance to enhance your skills in this area of instruction or a more experienced teacher with some experience teaching younger learners, this course will help you develop to teach more effectively. The course enables the participants to bring creative teaching into the young learner classroom implementing a child-centred approach through activities which can be personalized to the needs of young learners.

Given how world is changing at an incredibly rapid pace, being a skilful and efficient teacher of young learners requires a set of new competences and continuous learning. This course provides an extensive modern training program to teach young learners and drawing on the participants’ experience of teaching young learners, the course presents both more traditional classroom activities as well as those which exploit new technologies to keep students engaged.

This course presents possible approaches to using skill based instruction in teaching kids the discovery and construction of meaning supported through visuals, mime, gesture, voice and characterization. In this way, stories provide a natural, relevant and enjoyable context for exposure to language and an opportunity to familiarize children with the sounds, rhythm and intonation of English.

Through storytelling and drama in class, children also develop learning strategies and thinking skills, such as predicting, hypothesizing, guessing and inferring meaning. The participants will use stories and narrative conventions which the kids are familiar with in their own language and discover how to transfer this familiarity into a willingness to listen to and participate in stories in English.