an Introduction to CLIL Teaching Science & Maths in English

Course Description:

The recipients of the CTS-STEM are typically lower and high secondary Math, Science and ICT teachers teaching their subjects through English in a country where English is not the pupils’ mother tongue. Through this course participants will become more aware of ‘modern’ approaches to STEM teaching, which prepare students for higher education in the UK, America, Canada, etc.

The course is based on modern research into both language and science teaching and learning. It provides the participants with tools and techniques supporting both the language and the subject learning.

a 10-day in-service course for a class of 16 participants



 The course intends to give insights into:

  • basic rationale and rules of integrating content, e.g. math or science, and a language that is not native to the students, e.g. English
  • specific attention to subject-specific vocabulary and how to work with it in the classroom to help students boost their subject knowledge
  • addressing classroom management issues
  • teacher language, specifically in asking questions, eliciting students’ knowledge and giving clear instructions and explanations
  • examples of lesson sequencing for input using listening/video and reading
  • ways of increasing interaction between students and developing student autonomy


Requirements for a Certificate: 

  • Minimum attendance requirement is 75% of course events.
  • Practical Tasks like group and individual planning, observation, demonstration, micro-teaching, discussion and feed.
  • Assessed portfolio work